Hausnummer Edelstahl Bankgothic Ziffer 8 150mm

Artikel-Nr.: Hausnummer Edelstahl Bankgothic Ziffer 8 150mm

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Stainless steel house number 150mm high made of stainless steel V2A 1.4301,

Material thickness 2-3mm with a cut / brushed.

There are 2 M6x30 stainless steel welding studs on the back of the numbers.

The numbers are absolutely rust-free.

100% stainless steel!!!

Factory sales without intermediaries.


All wishes are possible such as special characters, other fonts, sheet thickness, height, etc.

Please inquire about prices first, with every change of the standard offered here the price increases.


Fixing the stainless-steel house numbers for masonry without insulation:

1. Hold the house number against the wall using a spirit level

2. Mark the bolt spacing on the wall.

3. Drill holes.

4. Screw the dowels evenly onto the welded bolts (at least half). The remaining half bolt distance is the distance to the wall approx. 1.5 cm.

5. Insert the house number with the screwed-on dowel into the holes.



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